We also offer World wide all-cargo charters with a fleet consisting of DC-10-30F, MD11-F, 747/200/400F, 767-200F, 727-200F, with our charter solutions we can give you a tailored flight to meet your customers needs weather it’s a one time agreement or an extensive long term charter operation.
Our full charter service includes not only the aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance, but also all the needed landing rights, fuel, special handling, cargo build up and break down. We provide an all inclusive charter service with the flexibility to meet your demands.
Consider our charter flights when scheduled air cargo service doesn’t meet your customer’s specific requirements or when your shipment volume requires a dedicated aircraft.
Our charter department can find you the perfect aircraft for the job at a reasonable cost.
For more information on fleet specifications, flight availabilities and price quotes please call our sales team or e-mail for a prompt reply